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Okay so i haven't been here in a while cause im lazy like that, (not to mention very ashamed of my work). im things have been boring lately. fights with friends, freindship renewals. in a nut shell things have been like a lifetime comidy/drama show. (rated pg 13 of course) but thats about it! woo! i know im ever so interesting. I would write more but I'd get all emo on you probably. alright, much love to you all!


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SaturnRaven Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2004
Thanks for the favorite, I feel special o^_____^o. Chemical Habits. Trippy I used to now an RPer with that screen name.
ChemicalHabits Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2004
well here i am....through much conflict and cuss words i have started a deviant site. im going to use this site to post the many stories i write cause my friends are pissed that i dont let them read them. so here they are....yup